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robot[apparently robots are actually helpful now.  like as therapists.  and nursery decor.]

I am in awe of Google.  Is this how people felt about the space program back in it’s glory days?  Google $GOOG and $GOOGL just came out with news that they have been developing drone prototypes which would reduce delivery times to a matter of minutes.   Sergey Brin thinks this development will change the world in the way that the Pony Express did, and the USPS after that, and overnight delivery after that.  The carbon footprint and safety hazards and noise pollution of these drones, or self-flying vehicles as they call them, would be much smaller than delivery trucks.

In his article yesterday in the Atlantic Alexis C Madrigal says “Google doesn’t just want to organize all the world’s information, Google wants to organize all the world.”  It’s not just drones, of course.  Self-driving cars?  Already on the roads.  Google Glasses?  I’m too close-minded to even understand those.  I wonder what other projects they are working on?

Huge budget + profitable + ambitious leadership + top-secret research labs + data focused + insanely creative + trying to organize all the world and doing a damn good job of it = this stock should be in your portfolio. swg-goog-8-29-14Also, Amazon is working on delivery drones:


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Money Stress

money-stress[Kids and pets are great reminders that stress isn't necessary, and that it's okay to be a little less practical.  Picture from Hideaki Hamada's instagram, via]

Money stress is the worst.  But it’s also a choice; and you can choose to let go of it.  Can you trust, instead, that there will be enough?  Trust in abundance?  Trust that you need less stuff to be happy?

You can still figure out the problem: you can budget or search for a new job or plan for lifestyle changes.  But it doesn’t need to be stressful.  Sometimes just letting go of stress is a way of letting wealth into your life.

I overheard an agitated mom rattling off a list of to-do’s to her young son “we have to grocery shop then go to the bank then go pick up mail then…” and the whole time her sweet son was holding her hand and just looking up into the trees, totally ignoring her.  And it was a vivid reminder to me.  He, like his mom, was going to do all of these droll errands.  But he’s not stressed about it.  Right at that moment, he was underneath a beautiful tree.  Rich.

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Saving Early Can Start Today

plant-a-treeI usually hate inspirational quotes.  If you ask me “what would you do if you knew you could not fail” I will answer “un-follow you yesterday.”  But I am pulling this proverb out because the ‘save early’ advice can be as discouraging as it is wise.  The New York Times printed an article this summer suggesting that you set up your ROTH IRA with your first summer job as a teenager.  I mean, that’s a great idea, but…who does that?

So here’s to say- forget about all that you could have should have saved, and just start now.  Now is a great time to start, and in 20 years now will seem early.  Not first-summer-job early, but early enough.


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Money + Kids

kids-money-1Many people say they would have more kids if they had more….money, of course!  Kids are expensive no doubt.  Especially when you factor in lost earnings as you sideline or abandon your career in order to care for them.

I am not one to say money doesn’t matter, but there are lots of ways to raise kids, and it can be done with any budget.  So while number crunching seems like a calculating way to approach growing your family, I think the question really comes down to people trying to figure out what type of lifestyle they want to provide for their family.  Is private school part of your vision?  A big house?  Domestic help?  What type of family vacations will you take?


My vision for my kids was to have lots of them (check) and to have a loving house filled with happy chaos.  Also, I’m banking on the idea that there is usually a big earning change (hopefully) in the 18 years it takes to raise a kid up and out (hopefully, again) of your house.

p.s. I thought this was funny…apparently Iran is regretting its campaign for it’s citizens to have small families.  So they have removed billboards that said “Fewer kids, better life” and replaced them with billboards that show small sad families juxtaposed with pictures of big happy families.  Ha!  Which ad campaign would you endorse?

[pic 1 + pic 2]

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Work Lunch


Eating lunch and working, two things that need to happen pretty much every day.

Do you pack it, buy it, or ignore it?

I tend to stand in front of the pantry and shovel carbs into my mouth with the singular goal of fixing the hungry problem.  Not a great dieting strategy, btw.

p.s. speaker, and katespade saturday for the rest.

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